Slife Labs

Slife Labs, LLC.

This is a cool, slightly scary and highly useful little freeware product. It basically logs most of the stuff the you do around your PC and when you do it. In that manner, you can figure out the answer to the question “Where the heck did my time go?”

Screenshot from the creators website

Screenshot from the creators' website

I have used this freeware for some time, and it does exactly what it is supposed to, and does it well. It monitors your computer usage, how much time do you really spend on iTunes during work hours? Or your web browser or your construction program or whatever. It gives you nice visuals on how you devote your hours to different websites and software products. Now the trouble is, how do I change my routines from spending too much time on the computer…? If this product scares me into getting things done, I am sending them a Christmas card (or perhaps even donate…) next year!


One Response to Slife Labs

  1. Dies ist bekanntlich cool, Besten Dank! Das hat mir gefallen und ist äußerst
    wissenswert. Die Einfällefinde ich nachvollziehbar.
    Selbige Eingebungen sind mir auch sehr wohl durch das Denkzentrum gegangen. Da ich
    erwäge, dass das im Übrigen zum Vorteil von meinen Büchernarren ein spannendes Anliegen darstellt.

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