Where is the share?

25 May , 2009

Anything with the words geek and/or chart in the title is bound to be great. On the Geek Chart website, you can make your own chart that visualizes your sharing around the web. Insert your username on twitter, youtube etc., and embed the chart that shows your acticity on the respective sites. Nice one. Now, why does that visual work on blogspot and not on wordpress?

Oisteing’s Geek Chart


Save your youtube favorites

1 March , 2009

Slik lagrer du Youtube-favorittene – VG Nett om Data og nett. (Norwegian)

I read this in Norway’s biggest (or second biggest (don’t know which)) newspaper some time ago. I have earlier saved youtube videos by using freeware like DVDvideoSoft to convert directly from youtube to iPod or other formats. But this seemed like a real easy solution. I don’t know how popular it is, but I had never heard of it before. The article is in *cough cough* Norwegian, but the synopsis is quite easy… 🙂

1. Find the URL / address for whatever youtube video you want to save

2. replace “youtube” in the address with “kickyoutube”.

3. Pick the format you want and save it.

Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool

6 January , 2009

Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool

One of the tools I have began to love the most is this free add-on for FireFox. I used to be a fan of EndNote, which is a great program, but it wasn’t free… And I AM the CHEAP researcher after all.

Zotero allows you to store references in a database, and later on insert the references into, say, Microsoft Word. Inside Word, you look up the reference you want and automagically a bibliography is created at the back. There’s a great little feature that you can store files with it, so that the pdf’s you refer to are in the right place. Another extremly handy function is the way you can get references into the database. Whenever you are on a library site or a bookstore site, you get a zotero icon next to the URL. ‘Click’, and the reference is added to your database. Great. The coming version of zotero will support external cloud storage of references, so you can reach your references from whatever computer you are on. At present the best way might be to keep the zotero files in a folder that you sync with DropBox, mentioned earlier on my blog.

Try this add-on for yourself, and see if you are satisfied!

oisteing on Swurl

10 July , 2008

oisteing on Swurl

On the address above is perhaps the most in-tune-use from this site. Not only can you make a blog for free, you can make it without making it! :-)Now, wait a minute, this might be as suspicious as PowerPoints “auto-content”, which usually doesn’t have any content… The point is, if you use a lot of webservices, like YouTube, Last.fm, facebook, blogger, wordpress, stumbleupon etc, you can gather all your public stuff there at one address. See for yourself, and perhaps you’ll find use for it!


3 July , 2008


Studyrails is a rather new student organizational website. It allows students to get organized, schedule classes and study times etc. I am not sure whether I would have chosen this over Google Calendar and Gmail as my preferred study aid, but see for yourselves!