remove empty directories freeware for windows

17 January , 2009

OK, I know that installing lots of small little freeware programs on your system might not be the most clever thing to do. If you have many of them it might slow your computer down, they might cause trouble with other programs and sometimes you forget that you have them, and they just take up space. But then, there are those tiny little programs that sport features you just can’t believe aren’t included in the OS to begin with. RED is such a program. RED – Remove empty directories – is a great little something for tidying up your music folders or program files folders. I ran it on my media center and it found almost two hundred (!) empty folders. That is folders that just contain a user specified set of things. My folders are considered empty if they just consist of folder.jpg…albumart*.jpg… or a picasa.ini file.

I am not sure if my computer got better or quicker of this early spring cleaning, but it felt just as tidy and a bit more satisfying than running the vacuum cleaner on my living room floor.

Download the program here: