30 May , 2009

Embedding GeoGebra…

25 May , 2009

On my Norwegian mathematics blog, (on it was quite easy to embed a Java powered file made in GeoGebra by using GeoGebra’s built in “hosted Java archive” and the GeoGebra Upload Manager. However, I still can’t see how this can be done on WordPress, although I am sure it can! On blogspot, it looks like this:
Anyone with any further ideas on how to accomplish this on WordPress?


Where is the share?

25 May , 2009

Anything with the words geek and/or chart in the title is bound to be great. On the Geek Chart website, you can make your own chart that visualizes your sharing around the web. Insert your username on twitter, youtube etc., and embed the chart that shows your acticity on the respective sites. Nice one. Now, why does that visual work on blogspot and not on wordpress?

Oisteing’s Geek Chart