Visions for the future

18 July , 2009

So, what’s in store for the future?

1. Free e-book readers for all students. The Kindle might not be the best piece of technology available, but it would be very nice for education.
First, we won’t have the forgotten books. We WILL of course get forgotten e-books, but the chances of remembering one gadget must be greater than remembering several books.
Second, these machines are more powerful than books. Animations in the texts is one example. I guess they will evolve more, perhaps including more note-taking and interactivity.

2. New skills in the curriculum. Blogs, portfolios and wikis will replace or at least supplement a lot of traditional writing, linear or otherwise. An extebded notion of “texts” will develop and surpass the now traditional, recently modern, hypertexts.

3. Now standard tools will vanish. The logarithm tables are long gone. Next will be calculators, compasses and rulers. We will see a few new tools in the mathematics classrooms. GPS, digital measurment tools and dynamic softwares are well known. Perhaps these will be more common in the near future mathematics classrooms.

I hope I can elaborate on this post later. For now I will publish it just to Get it out of my cumbersome iPod…



9 July , 2009

Not that I publish a whole lot, but these days it’s even less. This is written on my iPod, in the sun, just before soccer time. Ahhhh…