TVH-72g Graphing Calculator – By Tea Vui Huang

20 July , 2008

Pretty neat picture, huh? Since I recently purchased a new Nokia N95, one of the first things to do was of course to find a decent calculator app to put on it. The one pre-installed is OK, I guess… if you just need the REAL basics.  But it was actually darn difficult to find other choices. This one was the best I could do on my first day of looking…

I got a little disappointed, I have to say, because it was not really a calculator app per se, and it was not really all the useful either. All it does it letting you play with parameteres in some expressions to see how it affects the graphical output. An OK teaching idea, but where can I find a TI83 clone for my Nokia!?!? There must be something out there… (for free 🙂

TVH-72g Graphing Calculator – By Tea Vui Huang