Another day, another mathematical photo…

18 July , 2010

Meråker parabolaSometimes, the mathematics scream at you, begging to be calculated… This lovely parabola was sent to me by my studet, Ekaterina, and you can check my GeoGebra uploads to see the neat function it describes, here.


Nature by numbers

11 July , 2010

Teaching mathematics in mathematics education, I now and then have lectures on the mathematics found in nature. I rather like this subject and enjoy finding new ways of attacking the problems in there. I must say, that I don’t think I have seen a nicer illustrations of the phenomena og Fibonacci numbers and golden sections, than can be found in the video below. It has been circulated from YouTube for some time and I hope you will enjoy it too.

My guess is, it serves nicely as a kind of repetition of the concepts for students already familiar with them.