Android app: TI-86!

18 January , 2011
Picture from Jyri Tuulos webpage (Creative Commons licence)

Picture from Jyri Tuulos webpage (Creative Commons licence)

If you have an Android system on your phone, check out the retro (or is it?) calculator, TI-86! It looks quite similar to previous TI-84s also…

Download the app free from Android Market, or here:

EDIT: Since the calculator I have been using the most is the TI83 / TI84 (They are quite similar) I soon found the TI-83 app in the Android Market instead: 🙂


Windows 7: The calculator has a lot of new features. | Ask The Admin

12 February , 2010

Windows 7: The calculator has a lot of new features. | Ask The Admin.

Cool, I wasn’t aware of this, but come to think of it, the calculator in Windows hasn’t really gone through many stages of development. I guess there’s no real point in putting a CAS/DGS inside Windows by default, since excellent freewares already are being domesticated in schools and higher education, but you never know. What kind of mathematics calculating systems would we see built into the OS? My gut feeling is I ‘d still want my GeoGebra fix.

Calculator Tab • Free Online Scientific Calculator

27 July , 2008

Calculator Tab • Free Online Scientific Calculator.

TVH-72g Graphing Calculator – By Tea Vui Huang

20 July , 2008

Pretty neat picture, huh? Since I recently purchased a new Nokia N95, one of the first things to do was of course to find a decent calculator app to put on it. The one pre-installed is OK, I guess… if you just need the REAL basics.  But it was actually darn difficult to find other choices. This one was the best I could do on my first day of looking…

I got a little disappointed, I have to say, because it was not really a calculator app per se, and it was not really all the useful either. All it does it letting you play with parameteres in some expressions to see how it affects the graphical output. An OK teaching idea, but where can I find a TI83 clone for my Nokia!?!? There must be something out there… (for free 🙂

TVH-72g Graphing Calculator – By Tea Vui Huang

Do your math online

1 July , 2008

At least you can do some of it… The links below will take you to two rather nice online tools for computation. The Online Integral Solver does exactly that. Solves your integrals online. Input the function and you get the antiderivative in return. On eCalc, you get a good, standard calculator as well as unit conversion done. Go try them for yourself. No Nonsense here 🙂

Online Integral Solver