They have the Internet on computers now?

2 August , 2010

A little more serious than the Homer J. Simpson quote is this graphic, picked up from Jane Knight:


What is OpenID?

10 November , 2008

via What is OpenID and how to use your Gmail account as OpenID. « Technofriends

This was another post I wrote quite a lot about, and then SPLOINK all the words disappeared after posting. Oh well. So I won’t bother again.

Although I have to say that OpenID is a fairly cool thing. I have been waiting for hovering cars and moon holidays since I was five years old, so the OpenID is at least a step in the right direction. Oh come on, off COURSE OpenID is cool!

Mersenne Prime Search

27 July , 2008

Mersenne Prime Search.

This is somewhat a stayer on the Internet. United we stand in our search for the prime numbers! The mersenne primes, that is, a special subgroup of the prime numbers. With the software from the site linked above you can also participate in the search when your computer is idle…