Pythagorean spirals

3 June , 2011

I continue to post GeoGebra files, although I can’t embed them properly on WordPress. This time, I post a file I made on Pythagorean spirals.
Some explanation before you click the link to my Norwegian site (with GeoGebra files embedded): Two points are drawn on the canvas. Select the tool on the right side of the menu (the one with the spanner and screwdriver) and then click on the two points, black one first.
Another point is consctructed along with a triangle between the three points. What is the length of the hyoptenuse? You will need to know that the distance between the two original points is 1.

Continue to click two points, first the old black one, and then the new black one. You will have more and more triangles added. What are the hypothenuses?

Here’s the file: