Weekend before pi

13 March , 2009

Thanks, Ola, for this link.  Having endured a whole year of my mathematics teaching, you still seem rather obsessed with pi…! 😀 A fun video here, to round of the week before pi-day.

Converting Pi to binary: Don’t do it

28 December , 2008

I haven’t really written much about mathematics. And later I might. For now we are still on the comical note… I stumbled (literally, by using stumbleupon) across a site that claims it’s a good thing we can’t write out pi in binary numbers. If you do, you end up with all finite strings of 0’s and 1’s that is possible. That means, converted to letters, you have infringed copyrights of all written material known to man, you have insulted all religions and all of their fictual characters, you have done all kinds of espionage and written a DVD-cracking program (courtesy of DVD-Jon). Read a bit more over at

Converting Pi to binary: Don’t do it@Everything2.com.