A practical approach to GeoGebra

13 September , 2008

Just attended the 4th European Workshop on Mathematical & Scientific e-Contents here at NTNU in Trondheim. We had a short overview on our Practical pedagogy for GeoGebra. The abstract can be found in

Amdal, A., Gjøvik, Ø. (2008). A practical pedagogy for GeoGebra. In Amdal, A., et. al., Book of Abstracts, 4th European Workshop on Mathematical & Scientific e-Contents, PPU-serien, Programme for Teacher Education, NTNU


LEGO Digital Designer : Virtual Building Software

9 September , 2008

OK, so it is NOT exactly the real thing. But it’s so close! This freeware app allows you to build all your own LEGO creations, without the tidying up after. Get the pieces out and start building!

I haven’t tried this on the smartboard, but I guess it would be a suitable software application to thrown onto the big white interactive board as well…?

LEGO Digital Designer : Virtual Building Software