Where is the share?

25 May , 2009

Anything with the words geek and/or chart in the title is bound to be great. On the Geek Chart website, you can make your own chart that visualizes your sharing around the web. Insert your username on twitter, youtube etc., and embed the chart that shows your acticity on the respective sites. Nice one. Now, why does that visual work on blogspot and not on wordpress?

Oisteing’s Geek Chart


Windows Live FolderShare beta

4 July , 2008

Windows Live FolderShare beta

This is one of those things that I really have gotten addicted to and dependant on. It allows you to set aside a folder on each of your computer and all the time make sure that the content in those folders are exactly the same. Edit a file at home, on your work pc you find the new version ready when you get there. Download stuff on your laptop and it will be available on the rest of your computer within seonds/minutes.This is a free offer from Microsoft and I have been using it mostly to put my currently editing documents in. I am sure there are other equally good uses, like keeping Firefox extension available on all computers, or having your set of reading articles available no matter which of your computers you are in front of.You can also share folders with friends and family with this nifty software, and you can access your shared computers online, as long as they are powered on. I have tried a few other syncing solution, but this one is my favorite so far along with Syncplicity. The latter also keeps back up of your sync’ed folders online.Feel free to offer more clever uses in the comments!