: Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It’s free

27 August , 2008 : Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It’s free.

This is one of the most excellent I have visited lately. It converts your youtube/google videos to a format that is playable on iPods, iPhones, mobiles etc. It even works, it’s free and it’s online! There’s a desktop version with ads, if you prefer that, and I guess that can be used for converting whatever you have on your harddrive as well.

Watching movies on your cell phone is a pretty nerdy and tedious task, if you ask me, still, I have done it now. And it sort of was ok to watch a movie on the train. I have also found, that there’s a lot of instructional videos to download and look at. Another good feature is to catch up on tv show watching. Right now I am working my way through Family Guy! I bought the DVD and converted with 3gp converter. Works as a charm.


Dave Mozealous: Free PowerPoint Templates

19 August , 2008

Dave Mozealous: Free PowerPoint Templates.

Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth

15 August , 2008

Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth.

Wow – doesn’t this look completel amazing! A tip from national broadcasting in Norway, this Microsoft software allows you to navigate your pictures in 3D! More cool than useful or anything else, but still!

Wishlist (Upcoming birthday!)

12 August , 2008

I read today’s lifehacker posts, and found this little gem. has provided a wish list for some time, but now you can also add items from outside the amazon webshop. Check it out on

Oh – and my list is at in case you remember my birthday.

Mobile GMaps – View maps from various sources on your mobile phone

10 August , 2008

Mobile GMaps – View maps from various sources on your mobile phone.

Trying this at the moment

Plus Magazine

7 August , 2008

Plus Magazine.

A rather cool magazine online. It’s about mathematics in the wide sense, as it also covers quite a lot of physics and science.

When a Syllabus Is Not Your Own –

7 August , 2008

When a Syllabus Is Not Your Own –

Just thought I’d share this link that I found on the Academhack blog. It’s actually pretty interesting reading about the emotions the writer went through when she discovered that another professor had stolen (?) her entire syllabus. What do you think? Can anyone just take your reading list and use them for their own courses?

3 August , 2008

Looks like a nice list of free software applications for serious use.