The imaginary number of the beast

13 October , 2009


Beer Geometry – CollegeHumor Video

7 March , 2009

Kind of funny – I guess this merges the need for weekend and the work with mathematics…

Converting Pi to binary: Don’t do it

28 December , 2008

I haven’t really written much about mathematics. And later I might. For now we are still on the comical note… I stumbled (literally, by using stumbleupon) across a site that claims it’s a good thing we can’t write out pi in binary numbers. If you do, you end up with all finite strings of 0’s and 1’s that is possible. That means, converted to letters, you have infringed copyrights of all written material known to man, you have insulted all religions and all of their fictual characters, you have done all kinds of espionage and written a DVD-cracking program (courtesy of DVD-Jon). Read a bit more over at

Converting Pi to binary: Don’t do


8 July , 2008

It’s not all fun and games, but this one is bound to cheer you up! It’s a Norwegian skit, by sometimes funny and sort of celebrated comedians… I think they really nailed it on this one. Someone (I don’t know who) has put subtitles on this one for all you no-Norwegian-speakers out there (what? No habla Noruego?) to enjoy!

Douglas Adams Rhino Lecture

6 August , 2007

Douglas Adams Rhino Lecture video/quicktime Object.

One of my all time heroes, Douglas Adams, unfortunately died long before his time should have come. The funniest writer I know, as well as being scientifically interested and interesting, his books are essential reading. On the link above you can find a memorial speech.

My favorite book is his probably far most popular book, The Hitch-hikers guide to the Universe. I even liked the (a bit strange) movie they made from it. I know a lot of people were fond of the older BBC series as well. In addition I have to say they I really liked the book “A salomon of doubt”. I love the way he wrote about God and atheism. According to Richard Dawkins he might even be Richard’s “only convert”.