Norwegian GeoGebra Institute

5 December , 2008
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NGI, Norsk GeoGebra Institutt (Norwegian geoGebra Institute) was founded this year. Located at NTNU, the university of Trondheim. This institute is aiming to be a gathering point for all activities related to GeoGebra. If you don’t already know this excellent piece of software, take at look at the GeoGebra tag to the right to see some of my older posts, or check it ouf free on the official site,

The institute will facilitate courses and seminars, online and on campus, and the first courses are already being planned and starting out. Also, you can be certified for being an instructor at four different levels by attending courses and seminars.

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A practical approach to GeoGebra

13 September , 2008

Just attended the 4th European Workshop on Mathematical & Scientific e-Contents here at NTNU in Trondheim. We had a short overview on our Practical pedagogy for GeoGebra. The abstract can be found in

Amdal, A., Gjøvik, Ø. (2008). A practical pedagogy for GeoGebra. In Amdal, A., et. al., Book of Abstracts, 4th European Workshop on Mathematical & Scientific e-Contents, PPU-serien, Programme for Teacher Education, NTNU