The problem with PowerPoint

19 August , 2009

From BBC News (shouldn’t this be rather old news?) comes a nice look into the 25th anniversary of PowerPoint.

The semester just started, and soon the freshmen and later-hopefully-to-be teachers are pouring in by the hundreds. Sitting on the lawn, knocking on our office door, asking good and dumb questions (they are human beings, almost like us!) and equipped with volleyballs and beer cans. Ready to take on the world.

These students are approx. 19 yrs old. They are to become teachers in four yrs time. They haven’t lived a day of their lives without PowerPoint existing in their world. And still we find teachers trying to pretend the whole PowerPoint thing never really caught on. (Hard to argue with the number of presentations held every minute…)

Personally, as a mathematics lecturer, I tend to appreciate that linear thinking is reeeeeeeeeeeally not the way stuff happens inside our brains. Textbooks and teachers try to persuade us to think this is the way mathematics came about. Not so. Hence, I have gotten into the habbit of having a slide no.1 stating just that “Where do we go from here”, equipped with a mindmap or something similar.

So Happy Birthday PowerPoint. May you NOT try to change our thinking in linear, often bad, ways, but rather help us convey ideas in meaningful and creative ways.

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Fantastic presentation tools

9 March , 2009

Ah… now where are the limits!? Take a look at the video below, and see for yourself. Johnny Lee has hacked a wii remote in ways that makes him able to simulate a smartboard/interactive whiteboard. Even better – what some of us have felt lacking in the smartboards – he’s made it possible to use multitouch on the computer screen… Cool! Check this out.

A practical approach to GeoGebra

13 September , 2008

Just attended the 4th European Workshop on Mathematical & Scientific e-Contents here at NTNU in Trondheim. We had a short overview on our Practical pedagogy for GeoGebra. The abstract can be found in

Amdal, A., Gjøvik, Ø. (2008). A practical pedagogy for GeoGebra. In Amdal, A., et. al., Book of Abstracts, 4th European Workshop on Mathematical & Scientific e-Contents, PPU-serien, Programme for Teacher Education, NTNU