Fun with words

28 September , 2010

OK, I was actually going to write a post entitled “All the things I did and do wrong with PowerPoint”, but instead I have to write about the name for the university I took my masters degree (or rather “major”, which in Norway was a slightly longer study than a master’s degree) at. I am not going to illustrate this post.

Some of my English friends poked fun at me, since my position at the university was a student assistant. Abbreviated “stud.ass.” in Norwegian (*giggle*).

It got better. The university moved and expanded and changed names. The building we moved into was for those into “real fag”. It translates to science (real = real and fag = subject). The last equation sign got me banned on many serious web forums in the early days of web browsing. OK, it’s called realfag in Norwegian, but we usually dissect words wrong in Norway due to Internet influence.

It still got better. I was a stud.ass. for real fag, but the funniest part was when the university changed name from the previous two schools, NTH and AVH. The university was supposed to be called Norges teknisk-naturvitenskaplige universitet, in English: Norwegian University of Technology and Science. No wonder they would rather use NTNU for short.

So, working as a stud ass at the real fag for NUTS, I still managed to write a thesis on Fourier Analysis. (Yes, you could go on about half of analysis being … OK, good night now.