25 August , 2011

Just thought I’d recommend a blog I keep coming back to. Larry Cuban is an American (I think!) author and researcher. I have only read one of his books, Oversold and underused: Computers in the classroom. He writes quite a lot on his blog, and it is interesting stuff indeed. Have a look yourself:


Some links just to show I didn’t forget you…

24 May , 2011

Just a quick “I’m still here”-post…

Thought I’d share three cool posts I found today. doesn’t need any introduction I guess. Sometimes they have science related posts too good to miss, like this one:

Lifehacker has grown to be one of my favorite Google Reader items, and I usually find interesting posts here every day. It’s noe necessarily science or math related, but they are often quite geeky, and well worth a look. Here’s a tip on using pencils if you find yourself playing yatzy without enough die.

Google sketchup is a cool freeware effort that also can be used in math education. I got this tip from the Math and Multimedia blog:

Blog recommendations

10 December , 2010

Former colleague, present mathematician (and part wizard) has his blog at Mike Naylor is an American who are living in Norway with his family for a couple of years. He works at the National Mathematics Centre here in Trondheim, and writes about all things Norwegian, Mathy and creativity in his blog. So take a look!

Fun Math Blog

1 January , 2009

I came across a blog called Fun Math Blog when searching the Internet for different blogs about mathematics. I must confess I did this during working hours, so I am not really sure whether it should pass as work or leisure… Now, the author of the Fun math blog invited visitors to exchange short reviews, so here goes! Sol is mathematician who writes mostly (well, almost exclusively) about mathematics. I have followed his blog for some months and can highly recommend his posts – and I must admit they come out more often than mine! Since I am working in higher education, educating teachers, I feel a little bit sad that I don’t go so much into the content of mathematics anymore. It’s always there, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get really involved with mathematical problems. That is why I especially like his articles section. There are lots of things to think about in there, for instance when working with math anxiety or other didactical topics.

Since I also love to read stuff where mathematics enters the stage within media and culture, I have to forward this link from his last entry. I am fond of things like these:
On my Norwegian-only mathematics site I also have a tag for videos with some mathematical content or theme.

oisteing on Swurl

10 July , 2008

oisteing on Swurl

On the address above is perhaps the most in-tune-use from this site. Not only can you make a blog for free, you can make it without making it! :-)Now, wait a minute, this might be as suspicious as PowerPoints “auto-content”, which usually doesn’t have any content… The point is, if you use a lot of webservices, like YouTube,, facebook, blogger, wordpress, stumbleupon etc, you can gather all your public stuff there at one address. See for yourself, and perhaps you’ll find use for it!