Great cleaneruppers

Cleaning up  is great fun! Especially around the house!

OK, maybe not, but let’s at least start with a great attitude! Cleaning the computer might be tedious and slightly risky. To delete or not to delete…

I have tried several cleanup utilities over the years. Up to now I have ended with three finalists, who together manage to sort of most of the things I want to get rid of. I have even managed to clean my overly protected work computer with these tools without any danger having occurred. First off I use CCleaner, found at This freeware utility scans and cleans registry, temp files etc. As well as the regular stuff, recycle bin etc. Then I use revo Uninstaller to uninstall programs that I can’t uninstall with the normal procedures. You can download that at .Finally The Windows installer cleanup utility can help you get rid of bad installs. Download this free utility at . I must also mention (again) the Empty directory remover, mentioned in a post earlier. Great for getting your folder structures in order by deleting folders that just has the desktop.ini file in them, or just a picasa.ini or something like that. Get it for no money at all at . Now, if I only can find something that will clean the rest of my desk… Or even better, grade the pile of exams I have in front me and THEN tidy up. I thought we would have flying cars and mainstream jetpacks by the year 2000, so this is all rather disappointing…

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