The Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards.

Now for some comic relief. This site is dedicated to those who improve the gene pool of the world by killing of themselves (or making themselves unable to reproduce) in horribly stupid manners.

Read about the terrorist who mails someone a bomb – with insufficient postage, causing it to be returned to sender – And read more hilarious ways to go!


3 Responses to The Darwin Awards

  1. gfish says:

    To be blunt, to “improve” a gene pool by offing yourself in a stupid was is actually a form of eugenics. If anything, they naturally selected themselves out of the equation and are no longer a menace to the species.

    • oisteing says:

      I don’t know, you might be right. But remember, the individuals get their Darwin Awards not for wanting to die, but for accidently ending up dead in stupid ways… I am not an expert on this by any means, but at least here is some borderline between eugenics and natural selection as far as I can understand.
      The Darwin Awards books take this discussion some way further, but I can’t recollect the argumentation.

  2. gfish says:

    Well, it seems like there’s overlap, but here’s how it works.

    Let’s say that Jim has a mutation that makes his bones weaker and brittle than those of most other humans. He goes on a safari, take a fall, breaks bones that should’ve withstood the impact, the bones puncture his vital organs and he dies. If he doesn’t have kids, a potentially harmful mutation is now gone form the gene pool. That’s natural selection.

    In another part of the world, we have Tim. Tim is thought to be stupid and is encouraged to off himself so as not to “pass on his stupidity” which is a concept invented by Francis Galton and has no real scientific backing (Darwin ridiculed it as many having some evidence but far from conclusive, much less definitive). Tim kills himself in a ridiculous accident and the event is celebrated as “improving the gene pool,” again a pseudoscientific idea. That’s eugenics.

    I wrote about this on my blog if you wanna check it out:

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