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via Hack Your Day | » How to keep a clean inbox in Gmail

I guess the cat’s outta the bag. Yup, I’m a GMail addict. I am sometimes forced to use Outlook for work and I hate every second of this software-generating-spam-machine.

I live and breath by a near-to-GTD-philosophy. The main point is, keep the inbox empty and life is good. When mail arrives, look at it. Can it be acted upon in two minutes, then do it and get it out of the way. If not, can it be delegated to others? If so, do that. If not, put it on your calender so you know you have a certain time to deal with it. If it’s just for reference or information decide whether to delete it or archive it. I am not really into GTD and the “workflow” mindset, but I really have gotten to love this simple approach. Take a lot at the link above to read more about it. Or get the book “Getting things done” by David Allen – it’s the bible for the GTD-people 🙂 It’s not free, but GMail is 🙂

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